The LifeWave energy Enhancer Patches are disposable Class1 Medical devices which assist in balancing and enhancing health and performance energetically. The Auramed Biopulsar Reflexograph gives a visual image of the state of your bodies energetic health. Many believe that disease begins in our energetic bodies first. Personally I don’t think things are that black and white, but certainly the more balanced our energies, the greater our wellbeing and more resilient we are to fight disease and speed up healing. The picture below shows the aura of a 45 male before the application of the LifeWave patches. Note: dark blue and especially violet and white areas indicate energy blockages. Yellow and orange areas represent lack of energy in respective organs and body parts. The more green and turquoise, the more the aura is energetically in balance.


The next picture shows the changes after wearing the patches for 4 hrs.


The effects perceived by those using the patches can vary. Some people are jumping out of their socks, other, like me, feel a gentle sense of wellbeing. However, long term, the Energy Enhancer patches will allow the body to function better and bit by bit you will notice greater wellness in your life.