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When the mind and heart are in fixed agreement, then intention finds its power. I ask a question knowing I will find the answer. Then I listen and actively wait, expectant for the answer to come into my conscious mind.

As a healer, I loath “prescriptive” diagnosis and treatment. What I mean by that is putting people in a box, giving them a label and metering out a treatment which is the same as that given to everybody else who is in the same box. This is medicine without a heart or soul. The wise King states we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Ps 139:14, and when a healer thinks he understands whats going on in the body he is only two short steps away from missing it completely. I believe we should always be asking God for wisdom and understanding, no matter how many times we have seen the same thing. Lets not presume anything.

This is where our intention to bring answers to our patients and to be a vessel of healing grace comes in to play. When we hold this intention, when we have a sacred charge as a healer and a willingness to allow God’s healing power to flow through us, answers come to us that are unexpected. We are able to transcend what we have learnt from our earthly teachers and discover what the patient needs intuitively. That is not to undervalue our learning. Our learning sits as a secondary healing partner by our side, but God himself is our primary healing partner.

In this way it is possible to find new knowlege. In fact this is very much the way healers of old found their knowlege. Shaman slept with a branch of a plant under their pillow, intent on receiving insight into its healing power. But first you must receive the belief that it can be so and have mind and heart in fixed agreement, then you will experience the power of intent.