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The LifeWave energy Enhancer Patches are disposable Class1 Medical devices which assist in balancing and enhancing health and performance energetically. The Auramed Biopulsar Reflexograph gives a visual image of the state of your bodies energetic health. Many believe that disease begins in our energetic bodies first. Personally I don’t think things are that black and white, but certainly the more balanced our energies, the greater our wellbeing and more resilient we are to fight disease and speed up healing. The picture below shows the aura of a 45 male before the application of the LifeWave patches. Note: dark blue and especially violet and white areas indicate energy blockages. Yellow and orange areas represent lack of energy in respective organs and body parts. The more green and turquoise, the more the aura is energetically in balance.


The next picture shows the changes after wearing the patches for 4 hrs.


The effects perceived by those using the patches can vary. Some people are jumping out of their socks, other, like me, feel a gentle sense of wellbeing. However, long term, the Energy Enhancer patches will allow the body to function better and bit by bit you will notice greater wellness in your life.


If you read about me you will see I am a Chiropractor and Massage therapist, so I have seen a lot of people in pain and none of it is good. From a therapists point of view pain makes my job difficult, everything is self-protective, reactive and so much of your time is wasted placating the pain reaction that is happening in the tissues.

Recently I got my first opportunity to test out the LifeWave pain patches-IceWave. I had heard good reports that 80% of people will experience 50% or greater pain relief in under 5 minutes. I had heard of a few cases from colleagues where long standing conditions had been almost instantly relieved and so I had to check it out for myself.

Fiona is a single Mum with three active kids and a knee crushed from a horse falling on it over 20 years ago. The injury has caused her a lot of problems over the years, but recently it flared up badly and when I saw her she was in excruciating pain, she did not want to move it at all which made Physio virtually impossible, she had knife like pain traveling through the whole leg and her inner thigh had turned into a soft pulpy jelly- a reflex inhibition of the Vastus Medialis Oblique muscle that often occurs with knee problems and further complicates rehab.

There is not really much you can do while someone is in that much pain apart from ice/heat/ultrasound, acupuncture would be beneficial but I don’t practice it. Forget any physical therapy-even the lightest pressure was intensely painful and any muscle activation or joint movement was impossible. Not nice.

So, I pulled out a set of patches, put the brown patch over the main pain and the white one just above it. Immediately Fiona experienced warmth and smelt wintergreen. The sharp pain vanished and within a few minutes she did 10 good quad pumps. She kept saying, “What the #### is in those patches! This is unbelievable”. Fiona has had a colorful past…

The interesting thing is there is no wintergreen in the patches and no heat producing chemicals… this reaction is purely energetic. The patches emit a particular energetic frequency that takes away pain.

I then felt to move the white patch to her sternum and she experienced a tremendous energetic release. I could see the goosebumps all over her arms and legs. It was stinking hot in Australia this day, so it wasn’t the cold. She said she was feeling calmness and a sense of wellbeing and the pent up stress that has accompanied this and other issues seemed to leave her body.

I have never seen such a powerful change or received such heartfelt thanks from someone whose life I have just helped. And it was all so easy, and all so quick. What a great adjunct to a busy practice. My new protocol for acute pain will be to patch up patients first for three days, then get them in to start therapy. It will make my job way easier. Will keep you posted in this.

If you want to find out more about LifeWave patches, you can go to their web site click on products and then IceWave for pain relief. They have a trial pack for under $20. Please let me know what your story is. They come with a money back guarantee as well. If you need a number to order, use 666757.

Applied Kinesiology is not one of my strong points, but those who master it find all sort of interesting uses for it.  I have added a link to this video because it shows how the energy patches influence the body. This can also be helpful to determine if people are energetically switched.  In this case, the white patch in the right hand and tan in the left will weaken the body instead of strengthening it and the opposite configuration will strengthen the body. If this is the case with you, follow the patch protocol, but use the white patch on the left and tan on the right side of the body.

The Power of the Patch video-fun!