Purpose of this blog

I am writing this in service to other budding healers. Hopefully to inspire them but also to provide a forum to hear their journey too.

Professional Career

Nrelle Storey

Narelle Storey

Narelle Storey has been working as a remedial massage therapist since 1980 and graduated from University of NSW in 1983 with a degree in Anatomy and obtained a Post Graduate diploma in Chiropractic from Sydney College of Chiropractic in 1986.

She has had Chiropractic practices in Coogee, Terrey Hills and Manly NSW.

As well as working in private practice, Narelle has contributed to the Occupational Health and Safety programs of some of Australia’s best known companies. She has developed Manual Handling and Ergonomic training and/or audits for Blackmore’s, Alsco, Dupont, Johnson & Johnson and Pioneer Roads,  wellness programs for IAG, employee health screenings and expos, developed an award winning Injury Prevention Exercise Program for outdoor workers at Ryde council, and assisted small businesses develop their OHS policy and procedures documentation.

In 2006 she purchased an 18 acre property in Bilpin and set up Mount Hermon Estate, running a cafe, art gallery, function center with accommodation. During this time she ran couples retreats, provided health and relaxation treatments for guests and cooked, cleaned, gardened, cooked, cleaned, gardened , cooked, cleaned, gardened until its end in Feb 2008.  During 2008 she moved to Oberon and allowed herself some time to recover from all the cooking, cleaning and gardening and decided to do a bit more study and obtained a diploma in remedial massage and is currently completing post grad studies in sexual health.

She now lives at “Ichykoo Park” in Oberon, NSW, where she is, once again busy gardening, cooking and cleaning, (notice my change in priorities) focusing  on living sustainably and self-sufficiently and in the process, creating a haven for fine food and the healing of souls, (mine in particular, although you too are welcome!)

Personal Profile

Narelle Hutchison was born in Sydney and lived at Beecroft until the age of 5 when her parents migrated to Galt, Canada. She returned to Sydney at the age of 10 and lived at Killara, NSW, completing her schooling at Killara High School. She then attended University and Chiropractic College until 1986 and started her first practice at Coogee.

Soon after she met John Storey and they married in Nov 1988. They now have 3 boys, Joshua, 22 Joseph, 20 and Michael, 18.

Everybody’s now moved on, gone back to the city. But I remain with a little helper, my grandson Aaron who is nearly three.

Humbling oneself to live in harmony with God’s original plan for man-ie tending a garden, is indescribably enriching.  Slowing down enough to walk at natures pace and be taught by her, the greatest of all preachers is a lesson I am blessed to be able to now enjoy.

Personality-who am I really?

I added this Myers Briggs profile because I find it underpins many of the key motivations that define who I am and what I try to achieve.

Myers Briggs-The Healer (INFP)



Healers present a calm and serene face to the world but inside they’re anything but serene, having a capacity for personal caring rarely found in the other types. Healers care deeply about the inner life of a few special persons, or about a favorite cause in the world at large. And their great passion is to heal the conflicts that trouble individuals, or that divide groups, and thus to bring wholeness, or health, to themselves, their loved ones, and their community.

Healers have a profound sense of idealism that comes from a strong personal sense of right and wrong. They conceive of the world as an ethical, honorable place, full of wondrous possibilities and potential goods. In fact, to understand Healers, we must understand that their deep commitment to the positive and the good is almost boundless and selfless, inspiring them to make extraordinary sacrifices for someone or something they believe in. Set off from the rest of humanity by their privacy and scarcity (around one percent of the population), Healers can feel even more isolated in the purity of their idealism.

Also, Healers might well feel a sense of separation because of their often misunderstood childhood. Healers live a fantasy-filled childhood-they are the prince or princess of fairy tales-an attitude which, sadly, is frowned upon, or even punished, by many parents. With parents who want them to get their head out of the clouds, Healers begin to believe they are bad to be so fanciful, so dreamy, and can come to see themselves as ugly ducklings. In truth, they are quite OK just as they are, only different from most others-swans reared in a family of ducks.

At work, Healers are adaptable, welcome new ideas and new information, are patient with complicated situations, but impatient with routine details. Healers are keenly aware of people and their feelings, and relate well with most others. Because of their deep-seated reserve, however, they can work quite happily alone. When making decisions, Healers follow their heart not their head, which means they can make errors of fact, but seldom of feeling. They have a natural interest in scholarly activities and demonstrate, like the other Idealists, a remarkable facility with language. They have a gift for interpreting stories, as well as for creating them, and thus often write in lyric, poetic fashion. Frequently they hear a call to go forth into the world and help others, a call they seem ready to answer, even if they must sacrifice their own comfort.