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Intention isĀ  powerful thing.

A mind fully resolved is an unstoppable force.

The challenge is getting still enough to discover what really is in your deep heart…what it is that you truelly long for with ALL of your being. Most people are very disconnected and find all manner of distractions to avoid connecting with themselves.

Those of us who have wised up start to recognize the signs and then the need for self discipline and commitment to stay focused. Then there are all the distractions from without. Keeping a rich inner world amidst all the pressures of our lives is challenging indeed! We learn to be assertive, patient, compassionate, gentle and understanding as each situation demands. We know we are winning when a peace that passes all understandingĀ  lives in us. When joy unspeakable is never far from our faces.

Now, we are indeed ready to be the healer of our dreams. We have become as constant in verdure as the cypress and able to offer shade and protection to those who come to us.