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Lifewave patches are usually recommended to be used over acupuncture points, however they will still work if placed anywhere over the body. It is just that meridians are lightwave paths that increase their effectiveness. Dr Karen Guenette, a medical doctor and acupuncturist who has been using Lifewave in her practice for some time now recently explained it like this:

“Both acupuncture and Lifewave activate the body’s energy system to heal itself. Both use specific acu-points on the body for its effect. But here is where they differ:
Lifewave patches are programmed to perform specific functions in the body, such as increasing fat burning for energy like in the Energy Enhancer patch, or telling the cells to put together more Glutathione molecules in order to detoxify the body and mop up free radicals like in the Y-Age patch.
Acupuncture has no specific programming except for the actual point location and intention we use that point for. In acupuncture, I cannot increase the body’s strength by 40% within minutes of needling someone like the Energy Enhancers can!
Acupuncture, on the other hand, can treat a variety of ailments all at once. Acupuncture, of course, requires a specialist to perform and the availability of the patient to come to regular weekly appointments (at least initially). Each appointment is about 1.5 hours long, and it is suggested that you should take it easy after each appointment, precluding any heavy duty work or exercise for the rest of that day usually.
The nice thing about Lifewave patches is that you can try them for a week or so, and really get to know whether or not your body responds to its programming. There is very little risk because you don’t have to buy an entire month’s supply right away. Trial packs of Energy Enhancer, Rest Quiet, and IceWave are available.
Say you had insomnia and couldn’t get a decent night’s sleep. You could come to acupuncture 3-5 times to see whether it would help. Now during that time, I’d be possibly looking for other things to treat. That would cost around between $375 – $525 and take about 9.5 hours of your time total.
The Silent Nights patch is $39.95 for a month’s supply. You need to use it everyday for at least four days. Most people respond within that time, and if not, almost everyone responds within about 3 weeks.
I’ve had many patients not have to pay for acupuncture because they found relief in a simple patch…and let me tell you, they were absolutely thrilled!”