Glutathione is one of the bodys main antioxidants and has wide benefits.  It is an immune booster, slows the aging process, protecting against many degenerative conditions and heavy metal toxicity.  For 10 or more years glutathione injections have been used for mercury poisoning, alzheimers, and parkinsons with excellent results. Doctors routinely use Glutathione-promoting drugs to detoxify victims of certain types of drug overdose. However, the pharmaceutical drugs that raise Glutathione levels produce side effects and cannot safely be used long-term.

Raising Glutathione levels during cancer treatment leads to fewer side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, and even loss of white blood cells. Higher Glutathione levels speeds the healing process, reduces the possibility of infection, and helps to release drugs and anesthesia from the body. Glutathione protects DNA and RNA from free radical damage, and it protects against cellular peroxidation caused by exposure to pesticides, plastics, benzene and carbon tetrachloride, as well as heavy metals, cigarette smoke, smog, drugs, solvents, dyes, phenols and nitrates. There is no doubt that glutathione is something you want in your health arsenal!

The only problem is that it has been notoriously difficult to supplement orally, as it is broken down by digestion. Even intravenous injections are broken down rapidly and the blood levels of glutathione return to their previous level after only 24 hrs.  If you want to keep the levels up you have to have regular injections at a whopping $200 each! The only other way previously shown effective to increase glutathione was by taking large quantities of whey protein. Both of these methods have been shown to increase glutathione by around 30%.

I was very excited to see the research done on glutathione levels using LifeWave patches. The increase is 300%!  This is absolutely spectacular, plus the levels are more constant so the body remains protected.

to find out more about LifeWave patches, please see

Specific research info on Lifewave patches and the glutathione study see
I have also included a video of Dr Karen Guenette demonstrating how to use the patches for maximum benefit


L – C A R N O S I N E

What is Carnosine?

L-carnosine, is a naturally-occurring amino acid found within the human body.The deep frontal part of the brain (entorhinal cortex) is believed to be a site where carnosine tends to accumulate. It may interact with zinc in that area, as well as having effects on GABA, a brain neurotransmitter, which by a complex chemical reaction forms homo-carnosine.

What Studies Have Been Done with Carnosine?

Rat and animal studies have been done with carnosine looking at “neuroprotection.” These investigations aimed to examine protective action since carnosine may be protective of muscle and nerve function, particularly of the heart. There have been no studies that have shown any evidence of toxicity.

Recent MRI studies by Petroff and colleagues (2001) examining levels of brain chemistry showed a relationship between homo-carnosine and GABA in temporal lobe and generalized myoclonic epilepsies.

These authors described homo-carnosine levels that may correlate with seizure control even when GABA response is defective in human studies. Dr. Chez was intrigued by the results of this study, and thus began a study in June, 2001 that aimed to test if supplementing carnosine orally could enhance seizure protection in childrenwho were already on anticonvulsants and who had recurrent seizures despite being on standard drug therapy. He hypothesized that the addition of carnosine could decrease seizure frequency. He supplemented with powdered carnosine, as well as powdered Vitamin E (25IU) and powdered Zinc (2.5 mg).

The Open-Label Study

A total of 75 children, who had “failed” multipleantiepilepticmedications in an effort to stop their seizures (including steroids and the Ketogenic diet) with histories of partial or generalized epilepsy entered the open-label study. The majority had fronto- temporal lobe seizures, or generalized epilepsy. 25% had EEGs to directly compare before and after starting the carnosine. Many patients had reductions in seizure frequency, but without EEG correlation. Two sisters with hypsarrythmia/Lennox-Gastaut wave patterns or Lennox-Gastaut type patterns, EEG amplitude and spike frequency improved with carnosine in dosages of 800-2,000 mg. per day. Dosage was titrated upward depending upon bodyweight. No side effects were reported. Unexpectedly, parental diaries showed a pattern of comments related to gains in cognitive domains including language, alertness, energy levels, and even gross motor ability. Dr. Chez was motivated by such reports in addition to comments from other professionals that worked simultaneously with the children (e.g., speech therapists) who, unaware that children were on the new supplement, spontaneously stated that individual children were showing incremental gains not previously seen. Expressive language was described as more fluent, eye contact more frequent, and interest in the environment was more prominent. Dr. Chez thought that this supplement could be of benefit to children with autism or PDD and so began to give it to children with such diagnoses in an open-label trial. Indeed, parents reported benefits in their children after as few as 2 weeks, in the areas of socialization, expressive language, alertness level, energy level, adaptation to change, and curiously, gross motor planning.

The Double-Blind Study

Because of the remarkable cognitive improvements in language, speech production and school performance as well as social alertness, Dr. Chez felt it important to study the effect of the supplement in children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Children were included in this study if they had histories of abnormal EEG, and had previously responded to cognitive-enhancing dementia medications (as part of a controlled study at the office) or to anti-convulsants. A double-blind placebo controlled study with carnosine was begun. Children were randomly placed on either active carnosine or placebo.Expressive and receptive language measures, two autism rating scales, and parent rating analog scales were administered at the start and completion of the study. Results of this study indicated clinically meaningful changes in many aspects of autistic features, and also showed that the carnosine supplement improved children’s expressive and receptive language significantly. This is the only dietary supplement to date studied in a double-blind fashion in autism.

Who Benefits and What are the Side Effects?

The majority of children with either epilepsy or autism treated in open
label studies by Dr. Chez benefited from carnosine supplementation. Dr.
Chez estimates that approximately 10% of children who have been on the carnosine supplement have had reports of no improvement. A very small percentage (less than 5% of children with epilepsy or autistic spectrum disorders) have shown increased physical hyperactivity or verbal hyperactivity, but we are unable to ascertain if these reports are directly related to the carnosine supplement. No sleep disturbances were reported as a result of carnosine therapy even in dosages up to 3,000 mg. a day. No abdominal side effects, skin rashes, or any changes in anticonvulsant blood levels, liver functions or hematological studies. No patients had any urinary changes or bowel habit changes from the carnosine. Many children on the autistic spectrum were reported to increase their range of food choices with an improved range of appetite. Responses have been seen in generalized epilepsies, focal seizure disorders, autism, PDD, and head injury to date. Because of its effect on entorhinal cortex, improvements in Alzheimer’s disease or other frontal lobe encephalopathy may be possible. Any syndrome that involves apraxia or expressive language delay may benefit from this.

Concurrent studies are currently being run or planned in areas of
attention disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, and various learning disability
syndromes of the nonverbal type.

The best way to supplement carnosine is the LifeWave, Carnosine patches. They stimulate the body’s own production of carnosine in a completely safe way. Powdered Carnosine formulas are unpleasant to take and much of it is broken down by digestion. It can be challenging to get a child to cooperate with this.

to find out more about Carnosine patches, go to and look at their Y-Age product which also has glutathione. Both of these in combination have been helping children and adults alike.

This is written in response to Jen’s comment in About:

“Do you have an opinion about Chinese Traditional Medicine and acupuncture\pressure? Do you see that there are some methodologies and philosophies of healing that Christians cannot touch?

I think it would be hard to find a Christian who does not hold any taboos when in comes to natural healing, and many other things for that matter.  Because I have been called to use God’s healing power, both in Spirit and in nature, it has been a big part of my journey to explore and challenge the taboos I have held as a christian.

The bible is silent on many issues Christians are very loudly opposed to. And usually, with time, these change, because they are predominantly cultural/ignorance rather than true spiritual issues. It was once heresy to think the world was round and not the center of the universe. It was heresy to read the bible in the “common” language. Many a Christian doctor in the 1800’s mocked at germs/pathogens being the cause of multitudes of deaths after operations and plague diseases, but Avicenna, an Islamic doctor in the 1000 AD knew the truth. How many millions of lives have been cut short by christian taboos that have nothing to do with truth? It took brave souls to break with these and follow their beliefs and state their arguments, confident that God was with them.

The apostle Paul was such a person. He fought against early christian taboos that required gentile believers to adopt Jewish customs such as circumcision, food laws etc. His calling was to define the essence of the Christian faith which would ideally be expressed uniquely through many cultures (however the reality is that western Christian cultural taboos destroyed many beautiful and harmless cultural variants when missionaries came). He teaches that a Christian is one who has accepted that Christs sacrifice alone is enough to cleanse from the guilt of sin. That the indwelling of the Holy Spirit now afforded to the believer, enables a new “law” of love and freedom to replace the “old” law of written rules. The letter kills, but the Spirit brings life.

But does this mean we can do whatever we like? If there are no rules, then is not everything permissible? “Everything is permissible for me”-but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”-but I will not be mastered by anything.  1 Cor 6:12 , “Everything is permissible”–but not everything is constructive. 1Cor 10:23

Ultimately the way to look at it is ask yourself:

  1. Do I regard it as sinful? Rom 14:23 “But the man who has doubts is condemned if he eats (or practices Chinese medicine. etc), because his eating (or practicing Chinese medicine .etc) is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin.” It is not for me to tell you or anyone else what is right and wrong on issues in which the bible is silent. It is for you to know through asking the Holy Spirit which resides in you, who is your teacher in this life. I will tell you what I believe, and as Paul states in v14 “As one who is in the Lord Jesus, I am fully convinced that no food (medicine/) is unclean in itself. But if anyone regards something as unclean, then for him it is unclean. &v22, “So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves.” God has given you a mind and keen intellect and immense resources in which to ponder your position. This site is where I have chosen to explore mine.
  2. Is it beneficial to me? There is no harm in exploration.  King Solomon “devoted (himself) to study and to explore by wisdom all that is done under heaven”. Ultimately if it works, if it does you good, body and soul that’s a good indicator. But if you think what you are doing is sinful, chances are you will have some kind of guilt inspired reaction which will cloud your judgment as to its benefit. So, don’t progress to point 2, unless you are settled enough that God is not against you exploring alternative medicine.
  3. Does it master me? Will it bring you into bondage?
  4. Is it constructive?
  5. Will it hurt others faith? This is the most challenging of all the questions.

When the mind and heart are in fixed agreement, then intention finds its power. I ask a question knowing I will find the answer. Then I listen and actively wait, expectant for the answer to come into my conscious mind.

As a healer, I loath “prescriptive” diagnosis and treatment. What I mean by that is putting people in a box, giving them a label and metering out a treatment which is the same as that given to everybody else who is in the same box. This is medicine without a heart or soul. The wise King states we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Ps 139:14, and when a healer thinks he understands whats going on in the body he is only two short steps away from missing it completely. I believe we should always be asking God for wisdom and understanding, no matter how many times we have seen the same thing. Lets not presume anything.

This is where our intention to bring answers to our patients and to be a vessel of healing grace comes in to play. When we hold this intention, when we have a sacred charge as a healer and a willingness to allow God’s healing power to flow through us, answers come to us that are unexpected. We are able to transcend what we have learnt from our earthly teachers and discover what the patient needs intuitively. That is not to undervalue our learning. Our learning sits as a secondary healing partner by our side, but God himself is our primary healing partner.

In this way it is possible to find new knowlege. In fact this is very much the way healers of old found their knowlege. Shaman slept with a branch of a plant under their pillow, intent on receiving insight into its healing power. But first you must receive the belief that it can be so and have mind and heart in fixed agreement, then you will experience the power of intent.

Clarity of intention is essential for a healer. But what is intention? Phrases we hear are “Well, I suppose his intentions were good” and I intended to do that but I forgot…” Here, intention is fruitless. This is not the kind of “intention” that gets results. It reminds me of James 1:6 “But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavers is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.”

The dictionary defines intention as: (among other things):

  1. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.
  2. the end or object intended; purpose.
  3. the person or thing meant to benefit from a prayer or religious offering.

I understand intention to be an undivided purpose or objective. Intention comes from deep within then nestles within our breast. It is not restless or flighty, but stable and constant. It is a kind of confidence, but a confidence that is not easily shaken, based not on ourselves, but the expected goodness of God who works through us.  This comes as we understand that “whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight.” 1 John 3:22

Intention is  powerful thing.

A mind fully resolved is an unstoppable force.

The challenge is getting still enough to discover what really is in your deep heart…what it is that you truelly long for with ALL of your being. Most people are very disconnected and find all manner of distractions to avoid connecting with themselves.

Those of us who have wised up start to recognize the signs and then the need for self discipline and commitment to stay focused. Then there are all the distractions from without. Keeping a rich inner world amidst all the pressures of our lives is challenging indeed! We learn to be assertive, patient, compassionate, gentle and understanding as each situation demands. We know we are winning when a peace that passes all understanding  lives in us. When joy unspeakable is never far from our faces.

Now, we are indeed ready to be the healer of our dreams. We have become as constant in verdure as the cypress and able to offer shade and protection to those who come to us.